2B01: Prolong the lifetime of your VMS applications by using VAX and Alpha emulation software


Does the imminent end-of-life of the Alpha computer generation force you to look into migration of your application software? A significant effort that you would like to avoid? Alpha Emulation or Alpha Hardware Virtualization allows you to replace the Alpha computer without making changes to your software.
This solution is especially interesting for those companies that still operate the early Alpha computers (DEC3000 AXP, AlphaServer 1000 / 2000 / 4000 / 300 / 400 / 800) or users of the DEC OEM DMCC embedded computers.
This presentation explains the goal and benefits of hardware virtualization techniques and how it can help the owners of these early Alpha systems to keep their applications alive with minimum effort.
Part of this presentation will also be the introduction into real-time VAX emulation a new development. Interesting for owners of RT-VAX or embedded VAX system with Qbus adapters.


Technisch, Anfänger


Arie de Groot, Emulators International