2G04: Porting a Real-Time Data Base from Alpha OpenVMS to Itanium 64

What will the attendee learn:
- What are the main features of the Real-Time Data Base PRIMO·S
- What is the characteristics of the ported software
- What was important for a successful port in a very short


The ABB Real-Time Data Base PRIMO·S is present for many years inside and outside from ABB and runs on more than 2700 computers world wide. It runs on all important platforms, including Alpha OpenVMS,Tru64, HP-UX and Windows. It contains about 280 source modules written in PASCAL, C and MAcro32. It was decided to port it to Itanium 64 during the HP Integrity Developer Forum in March 2005 in Vienna. This talk covers the lessons learned during this successful port.


Technisch, Fortgeschrittene


Werner Stegbauer, ABB Automation Products GmbH