1G01: Run your Alpha VMS/UNIX applications on standard Intel/AMD hardware, without changing your software


With the end-of-life announcement of the Alpha computers it is time to decide how to proceed with the software you have running on these systems.
When migration to Itanium is not possible (e.g. old VMS release, running Digital UNIX/Tru64, no support for certain packages) or desirable (cost, time) other options must be explored.
Alpha Emulation allows you to replace the Alpha hardware by standard Intel or AMD processor based systems and maintain your applications as they are now. Your software will continue to run unchanged on the new platform. You add many years to your valuable application software with little investment.
This presentation includes the principle of Alpha Emulation, how this solution can best be used, a real-life demonstration of the product and examples of recent implementations at fellow Alpha users.
At the end of this presentation you have knowledge about the capabilities and benefits of Alpha Emulation, understanding about if and how to use it in your particular situation, insight in the best ways to implement this solution and how your fellow Alpha computer owners applied this product in their situation.


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Arie de Groot, Emulators International