2E04: Produktivität im Datacenter - das Konzept der SW Appliance - One Stack, One Install, One Stream


The Ingres Icebreaker Software Appliances are delivering the following benefits:
- Comprehensive, flexible and scalable functionality based on industry-leading database and software technologies
- Industrial strength robustness, security and high performance
- Low price - no software license fees and greatly reduced deployment and management costs dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership
- Fast installation facilitated by a pre-built software stack with a single install mechanism
- * Highly flexible deployment enabled by the appliance approach, e.g. remotely hosted or within a virtual machine container
- Greatly reduced management and maintenance overhead as a result of using pre-configured components and consolidated change management
- Reduced risk by the use of tried and tested components, integrated and tuned by experts
- High quality, 24/7/365 global support for entire Software solution from a single source.


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Olaf Laber, Ingres Germany GmbH